HT26 Brand

HT26 Brand
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Product benefits: The action-tache body lotion is an intensive concentrated care especially inten..
  Elaborated with active substances selected in accordance with advanced scientific resear..
HT26 Intensive Concentrated Face Lotion Action Taches is developed in response to problems of black ..
HT26 Multi Lightening Concentrated Cream. Restores a radiant complexion and unblemished skin to blac..
HT26 Savon Purifiant VitaminE. Generously enriched with VITAMIN E and cold cream, delightfully perfu..
HT26 Savon Gommant (Scrubbing Soap). EXFOLIATING BODY SOAP contains small non-irritant exfoliatin..
HT26 RECOMMENDS HT26 wants you to be beautiful, and your beauty first and foremost stems from you..
Product benefits: The lightening body lotion Topsygel is used in cosmetics for black skin to effi..
HT26 RECOMMENDS TOPSYGEL LIGHTENING CONCENTRATED SERUM is especially formulated for curing and atten..